Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Workout Plan

Hello Beauties!
I've received wonderful feedback so far from my first post-THANK YOU to all who read it! I hope you continue to follow me!
Today was eventful because my hubs and I are taking on the task of painting our wood trim and walls in our living room, dining room and hallway. Phew-what a chore! I'm lucky in that my day job isn't open between Christmas and New Year's (you can hate me later;) and my hubs is a teacher so we are both off for the week-time to get some work done!

Gotcha! Hubs pointing at me to get him some paint tape.

Apparently I am the trim queen! Hub won't touch it-so he's all over the walls while I eat bon bons;)

The perils of painting....

Tuesday's are my last cycle day of my Weight Watchers week, so I always plan out my workouts for the week tonight. I thought I would share with you what I do and why I do it.

Wednesday: Zumba, 1 1/2 hours
Thursday: Upper body strength, 45 min. Zumba, 45 min
Friday: Bodyrock workout, 20 min
Saturday: rest day (I might be hungover from New Year's Eve!)
Sunday: Zumba, 45 minutes to 1 hour
Monday: Bodyrock workout, 20 min
Tuesday: Interval Extreme, 1 hour

I hope everyone by now know's what Zumba is. If you follow me, you'll hear it a lot! In short, it's a latin-inspired aerobic dance class. This next week I'll be teaching it 1, learning new songs (I count that as a workout), and taking a class from a fellow Zumba instructor.
Also, if you've never heard of Bodyrock, please go to her site now! This is an AMAZING site of an incredible woman and her husband and they make these easy to follow, short workouts that will leave you begging for your momma! Ok, not quite, but it's an awesome workout-and they are usually around 15-20 minutes! I love short, hard workouts!

My dad and I Christmas eve doing a BodyRock workout in my grandparents living room!
(Forgive my hair, I just woke up!)

Interval Extreme is a new class I'm teaching that will go from hard cardio, heavy lifting and breaks-with the goal of bringing your heart rate up drastically and then lowering it. This burns fat faster and your body keeps burning fat long after your done with your workout-SCORE!

Some of you might be thinking-6 days of hard workouts out-yuck! Believe me, I used to hate working out too! You wouldn't catch me in the gym in HS, barely in college either! Once I graduated college, I was at my heaviest and knew I needed to do something about it. I joined Curves with my bff and went about 3 days a week. Soon this was getting a little easy! I started doing workout videos at home-slow at first and then realized I needed more! So I joined a gym and did a group exercise class-BAM, THIS is what I needed! Kickboxing and step class INVIGORATED me. The group dynamic pushed me more than I would push myself. And it was, dare I say, FUN! Once I moved to my "desserted" little town, I knew I wanted to continue group exercise. Luckily, my small town has a gym! I took group exercises for about a year until my favorite instructor moved. I thought, "I could do that!" So I gave it a go and here I am! It was a scary step that I'm glad I pushed myself into.
If you don't like working out, you just haven't found the right exercise for you. I HATE running-you'll never catch me outside or on a treadmill running for an hour! I think I'd rather pull my toenails off! Wait, don't they fall off when you run? HA!

Let me know what workouts YOU love and why?

Oh ya, GO IOWA HAWKEYES in your bowl tonight!

My cousin Lyssa, my brother Adam, me and my cousin Tori at an Iowa game earlier this year. 


  1. Are those both YOUR hands because the right one looks much larger than the left?
    I love painting, but I don't have the luxury of having a job where I get a week off... so I can't come help! ;)
    I totally agree w/ you about group exercise and working out. I feel so much better, and love classes. Plus I hate monotony so doing the same thing daily is like the worst thing I can do.
    (Although... I DO like to run. Would you ever have guessed?)

  2. Those are both my hands! Ha-must be the angle! I don't understand how you don't like monotony but you like running? I think that's an oxymoron!

  3. Hey- I can solve the world's problems in my mind when I run!
    I just get to thinking about something- anything- and before I know it, I have a better view of my "problem" and I'm 2 miles away from home.
    I think you need to- just one time- try it and go for a run w/ me. :)