Friday, December 31, 2010

My Wonderful 2010 in Review!

Hello Dearies!

I wasn't able to get my daily blog on yesterday because we went to the local bar to help a friend celebrate his 30th b-day!

Happy Birthday, Steve!

I was good and didn't eat any cake, but I did enjoy licking some frosting;)

This morning my friend (and Steve's wife) Vanessa and I did some Zumba together! I was ravenous afterwards and enjoyed a mixture of black beans, garlic and tomatoes stuffed in a whole wheat pita with a slather of light garlic Laughing Cow and sprinkled with some fresh spinach-I'm melting thinking about it;)

While I'm getting ready for the big New Year's celebration tonight, I was thinking about how good 2010 was to me! Here's a list of why 2010 will be missed greatly! In chronological order:

1. Our trip to Nashville for my friend Carrie's wedding.
Me, my friend Heather, the beautiful bride Carrie and my friend Jessica. All college sorority sisters, roommates at one time or another and all-around awesome girls!

2. Our trip to a KU game during March Madness. OK, honestly it was heartbreaking since they lost to University of Northern Iowa in the 2nd round of the tournaments and they were supposed to win it all! But, B's (yes, my husband's name is just "B") sister lives in Oklahoma where the game was hosted and it was fun to hang with her. Plus, I've never been to a college basketball game before!!

3. I started and finished P90X successfully! I think I dropped around 10 pounds and 10 inches altogether. This is one tough workout and I'm so happy I completed it!
Before (top) and After (bottom) Pictures

4. My bestie Jessica's wedding! I was so honored to be a Matron of Honor on her special day! I can honestly say this wedding is in my top 5 of all time!

5. Living through a REALLY long motorcycle ride with my Dad! My Dad is an avid motorcycle rider and he wrangled me into going on a day trip with him. It happened to be around 6 hours! I was a true motorcycle babe that day! And I can totally understand the appeal of the wind in your hair, although it took me about an hour to comb through it when we were done;)

6. Las Vegas, Baby! My side of the family took a vaca to LV this year! My husband and brother have never been, so it was so exciting to see their faces of amazement and that weird and lively city!

7. My cousin Nick's wedding! 2010 was definitely the year of weddings for B and I! I'm pretty sure we had over a dozen this year! Nick and Tessa's didn't disappoint! Another one in my top 5-that top 5 is getting pretty full;)

B, me, Nick and his beautiful wife, Tessa

8. Our annual Iowa football game! Being a big Iowa Hawkeye fan in Kansas is hard! This is the land of Big 12 and we are Big 10! My husband keeps me watching the Big 12 for KU though;) Every year we go with some family to an Iowa game! Luckily we picked a beautiful day for the Hawks to beat up on Iowa State! LLUUUURRVEE!

9. Annual Girl's Weekend! Living in a tiny town, sometimes us girls need to cut loose and get wild! So a group of girl's from our small town pack up and head to K-State country in Manhattan and eat, laugh, drink, shop and dance! It's a perfect time to bond!

Julie, me, Vanessa and Melissa

10. Halloween! Halloween is my holiday! Ok, I say that about every holiday-hehehe! I'm not one to use it as an excuse to get "sexified" like most women. I also don't want to just go buy a costume-I want to get CREATIVE! My inspiration this year-LADY GAGA! Epic-I know! I got 2nd in the costume contest next to 1st place Homeless and Horny guy-I know, I know-were those judges blind?:) HAHA!

Oh, 2010, you will be missed! But I'm excited for 2011 as well! We have babies being born by friends and family, family moving to town, more friends to meet and more parties to be had;)
Here's to life, friends! I hope your 2011 is an amazing year! Thanks again for reading and I have great plans for this blog in 2011;)


  1. Ok, all fab top ten items for sure, but none of them included ME! :)

    THAT's IT!! We are going on a weekend adventure. In March. You pick the weekend and I'll do the rest.

  2. Ha! I agree! I'll look at my calendar and get back to you!