Thursday, March 3, 2011

Show Me Your Teeth!

Hey, Hey There!

It's almost Friday-WOOP WOOP! I can't wait! Tomorrow I host March's bunco for the ladies and I'm sooo looking forward to it! It will be an unusually early bunco night for me because I have to get up and teach some ZUMBA 2 1/2 hours away! But I'm really looking forward to that, too! It's where I grew up and I'm catching up with some old high school friends for dinner that night-I love reminiscing about old times with old friends:)

I had an interesting combination for lunch today and I wasn't for sure if it would turn out, but it was a WINNA WINNA CHICKEN DINNA in my easy recipe book!

I had some leftover cabbage from my veggie soup I made last week that I needed to use up. So I sprinkled it with apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, a couple T. of Splenda and s & p. I topped that with some kielbasa sauage and a couple T. of sauerkraut (I AM a German after all!) and it was DELISH! Like, so delish that I will probably have this for lunch the next couple of days! The sweetness of the apple cider vinegar, the sour from the 'kraut and the savory from the sausage made this a winning combination! 5 PointsPlus

I also had my 2nd Zumba night of the week! BTW: I'm consistantly burning between 600-700 calories during Zumba according to my Bodybugg-LOVE THAT!


Now to get off on a little random tangent......

Do you people "watch?" I love to sit down at a mall or amusement park and just watch. It's so interesting to see people. And don't you think it's amazing how there are like 7 BILLION people in the world, and all of us look different? How many different combinations of ears, nose, eyes, mouth can you make???? God has his ways, and I'm in awe!

I'm also in awe of how those crime drawers can get eye witnesses to talk and they can draw out a person's face. "Ummm...he had like a big nose, and some ears. Kind of dark, big eyes. Ya, that's it....." Seriously!?!?! How does that even work? Could you really accurately describe any of the men above? I couldn't!

That got me thinking that we should all EMBRACE our differences! God made us this way for a reason! I would say I'm fairly average....but I do have something on my face that is different, and I think it makes me me. It's my mouth...or to be more teeth!

Scary close up....

I have gaps, I have chips, they might be big, but they are me. I have many fond memories of my teeth actually (how many stories can one have about teeth, you ask, well, quite a few!)

-When I was around 7 or 8, I was eating a caramel and chipped my front left tooth (see above). I obviously never got it fixed....
-Around the 7 to 8 range again, my brother and I went to an orthodontist (sp?). My brother had a severe over bite that made his teeth stick out like a horse-hehehe! He HAD to get braces. I, on the the other hand, had a "perfect bite" so the dentist left it up to me whether I wanted to fix my teeth for cosmetic reasons or leave them...I chose the latter.
-When on Spring Break in Daytona Beach when I was 21, a short, older (I saw older but he was probably early 30's-that's sounding pretty young these days!) boxer kept following me around saying we were soul mates because he also had gaps in his teeth. He also told me he fell in love with me at first site once I smiled and showed him my teeth....I was kinda grossed out.....
-Going to my first and LAST dentist appt at a new dentist when I lived in Minneapolis, he said he could "fix those teeth right up" with braces. When I told him that I kind of liked my teeth the way they were and people actually complimented me on them, he laughed and said "whatever." Dumb, doc!
-I can stick a toothpick in my middle two teeth-GREAT party trick;)
-Nothing ever gets stuck in my two front ever! Well, unless it's a toothpick;)

And finally, I really LOVE my teeth because in a sea of perfect teeth that were fixed by braces years ago, I have a set that really sticks out, and I don't think in a bad way. They aren't horribly disformed or crooked, there's just a gap, chip and they might be larger than yours;) I feel like I'm in the same league as Madonna or Anna Paquin;)

What is something unique on your face that could pick you out of a crowd? Do you love it-are you proud of it? What are doing this weekend that you are looking forward to?

Desserted Tip of the Day: When going to a party or out to dinner where there are lots of temptations, stop, take a deep breath, and remember the reasons why you are "dieting" or working out so hard. Remember your goals and how you plan on achieving them. Is eating "junk" food in your plan? Then drink a full glass of water, grab a small appetizer plate, and fill it ONCE with some of the food you really want to try. After that, throw the plate away and alternate alcoholic drinks with water. That way you remember your goals, you still get to try some yummy food and drink, but you are doing it in moderation!


  1. First off, was there a give away somewhere? Wasn't that advertised?! Did I miss something?!?! Headbands, right? Hmm....

    Secondly, I like your teeth too! I remember in HS you BIT someone, and forever got the game of "Capture the Flag" banned from our HS. !!

    I have what my family refers to as a cabbage-patch nose. I am not sure if that's good or bad... haha.

    This weekend: I'm looking forward to seeing you, Zumba-ing my booty off, and going to a baby shower. FULL weekend!

  2. Uh, no giveaway, sorry! Last post had a blogger giveaway advertised from Swanson Food? Maybe that's what you are thinking about???

  3. I like your teeth! I actually thought of Anna Paquin when I saw them. Good for you not going with braces!

    I think my eyes, or rather what my eyes do, is unique. I get SUPER wide-eyed when I'm excited or overwhelmed, which often happens when I'm shopping. I also don't blink as much as most people (I wear contacts! I don't need to as much!), which apparently creeps people out and earned me the nickname "robot girl" in high school. Hehe >:D

    I'm looking forward to an extra credit project I'm doing for one of my courses- going internet and cell phone free for 24 hours! It should be interesting...

  4. I love people watching! So incredibly fascinating. In the mall, on public transportation, in the airport - anywhere crowds of people roam free!!

  5. Oh I am a natural "people watcher". My problem is that I look at people that look "suspicious". i.e. "are they drugged, drunk, etc" or "is that guy really wearing a heavy coat in the middle of summer?" Yeah natural cop instinct (I use to be one). My unique look I think is my big German nose. Have safe travels and fun with your friends!

  6. THIS was a giveaway teaser, NO?