Sunday, January 16, 2011

80's Party and Painting: A Picture Blog

Hey Folks!

We had a BLAST at the 80's party last night! With my high feathered hair and shoulder-padded sports coat, I danced the night away to an 80's cover band! Love that!

We also spent ALL day today finishing up our painting and cleaning our incredibly dirty house! With those two events in mind, I thought I would just do a picture blog today to really give you a feel of what has been going on in my life the last week or so!

80's Party

B is going for the tennis country club look and I'm the "working girl" look.

A couple of our friends with B and I.

A close-up of my 80's slicked back side and puffy top hair! I can't even remember the last time I had to break out a curling iron!

A better look at B's full outfit! He had to hike up his shorts which gave him a perma-wedgie-CLASSIC!

Painting DONE!

Ok, this isn't a painting photo, but a photo to show you a before look of our walls/house before we painted. The wall color was called "Diverse Beige." I'm playing a game here at our Ugly Christmas Sweater party-ignore me:)

And after: We went with "Greek Column" for the color-a light gray. We also added some slight texturing to the walls, which you can't really see.

A look at the whole living room, including our fireplace we painted!

A look at the hallway you saw above (in between the TV and fish tank). We painted all the wood work white as well. We think we're going to purchase new windows so we didn't paint those.

This is our accent wall in the dining room, which is connected to the living room. It's about two shades darker than the Green Column, and it's called "Flannel Shirt." Don't you love paint color names!?!?!

A close-up of the accent walls texture. The texture is called carmel apple; it's just swirls. B talked me into this crazy accent wall and I wasn't too sure on it, but now I'm so happy we did it! It's super inviting and fun! It looks yummy! We have some fun ideas for what to put on this wall! More on that later!

Now our home is clean, no plastic sitting everywhere with paint brushes and paint sticks you have to walk over! What a relief! There are still a few touchup spots we need to go over and I'm putting one more coat on the down stairs hallway-but the majority is done! And I couldn't be happier with the finished product!


  1. Love the color. And ive always wanted to do an 80s party.

  2. I love it - it looks great! And how did you go about doing the accent wall? Is that something you do yourself or do you have someone who comes in to finish it? Very neat :)

  3. Oh no! We had someone professionally do the texturing. I didn't watch her do that accent wall-but it's pretty intricate!