Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Weekend Recap


I hope you all had a fantastic weekend! I spent mine dining with the in-laws, working at a Farm, Home & Garden Show, golfing, going to an adult prom, and nursing a hangover;) Today has been quite the wasted day, but it just goes to show you how much fun prom was for me last night!

Saturday morning started with a delicious protein pancake for me and the hubs!

Chocolate Banana Protein Pancake
As adapted from Biochemista

1.5 scoops of chocolate protein powder
1/3 cup of egg whites
1 T. diced nuts (I used walnuts)
1 T. applesauce, unsweetened
1/2 banana, mashed
pinch of baking powder and salt

Mix all together and put in heated and sprayed pan, flip, syrup-up, and EAT!

Although we had wind warnings in Kansas (and those are no joke! We're talking over 40 mph here!) we decided to spend a warm (up to high 80's!) Spring day golfing. So we packed up our clubs for the first time and headed to the course!

Although I was a decent golfer in high school, I haven't golfed for over a year (and that was the one and only time I golfed last year), but we pay a very expensive country club membership every year so I'm determined to go out more often and get my money's worth!

I shot a 51 and B shot a 47. Pretty good for not golfing in awhile! We did fudge SOME of the shots though;) But we won't tell you about those;)

Good times! We about blew away because of the wind though;)

Then last night we geared up for adult prom! Our local bar decided to host this event and B and I were all over it! We love getting dressed up and having "themed" parties! And what better excuse to wear your prom dress again after wearing it only once back in high school!

This is my junior year prom dress! I remember having a great time in it then, and it was just as fun now-except we could dance and have a beer in our hands!! I also wore my wedding tiara, so I designated myself queen of the prom;)!!!

B actually bought a tux in college, so he already owned one! He was the only guy there with a tux and he looked super handsome!

My friend Amy and I dancing!

We went with a group of friends and we all dressed up! It was a blast! I hope they host this again next year!

So today has been spent sleeping, watching Frasier reruns, and generally laying around. It's been a pretty big waste of a Sunday, but again, I'm not very good at "relaxing" so this has forced me to take a nice, quiet day which has been appreciated!

Tomorrow my sister-in-law moves into her new house so we're hoping to help move her.

Have you had an excuse to wear an old prom dress or bridesmaid dress? Do you know where they are?
Are you a golfer? And if so, how often do you golf during the summer?

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  1. I donated all my old prom dresses to goodwill years ago, but that looks FUN! The only bridesmaids dress I still own is the one from your wedding and I kept it because I think I might be able to wear it again some day- maybe even for something like THIS!
    Golfing.... hmm.... seems like I did that in a past life, but it's honestly been over 5 years. FIVE YEARS!! I think now that we're living closer to a cheap, accessible course, I'll have to take it up again.