Monday, April 11, 2011

Would You Like a Cookie?

Good Evening Bloggies!

Another Monday down in the books-thank goodness! I feel good about today: I've kept my eating in check, I got a decent workout in, and I helped my sister-in-law and her boyfriend move into their new house!

Today I have a couple of yummy healthy food reviews for you that you will LOOOVVEEE!

First up: Sensible Portions Veggie Chips.

These are all-natural potato chips that just melt in your mouth-so good! They have tomato and spinach flavoring with a touch of sea salt and 30% less fat that regular potato chips! Plus, look at the serving size!

That's a nice helping! I really enjoyed these and plan on getting more from their extensive line! I bought these at Wal-Mart.

The next review I'm really excited about: Goji Gourmet Cookies!

I bought a sampler pack of these on a whim, hoping they were good! They was a special deal going on at Carrots N Cake and I love cookies, especially if they have health benefits! And boy do they! Goji Gourmet cookies tote the following:
-No Preservatives
-High in Antioxidants
-Low Calorie (50 calories for a 2-cookie portion)
-Packed with "Superfoods"

I received four different kinds, and just for you all, I tried all four;) Almond Oat is hearty and sweet with the right amount of nuttiness. Ginger Walnut is very gingery so if you don't like that flavor I would steer away! This was probably my least favorite, but still good! Cherry Cacao was definitely my favorite! The only chocolate cookie, it has rich and plump cherries throughout-really good! And lastly is good ole' Chocolate Chip! Of course those are good-you can't go wrong there!

These cookies are really small, a tiny bit bigger than a quarter. But it's rich taste and healthy ingredients really make up for it! You can have 4 cookies for 200 calories and definitely satisfy your sweet tooth! They are chewy, soft and delicious-like your grandma made them for you!

I'm very excited to have these as a sweet, healthy treat after dinner or as a snack! I would HIGHLY recommend these! I believe I'll always have a bag in my pantry from now on-I love them that much!

Have you found any good food finds lately? What do eat to satisfy a sweet tooth and stay within healthy eating guidelines? What's your favorite snacky chip that won't unhinge your diet?

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  1. Those cookies sound delish!

    I'm basically all/nothing with cookies... I don't even keep them around! I don't have the best will power.

    I'm still all obsessed with popchips (salt & vinegar).

    PS: I also placed my order with the gift certificate today! Excited to get the stuff and review it!