Monday, March 21, 2011

My St. Patty's Day!

Hello Beauties!

I've missed you all so much!!! Ever since Thursday, it's been run, run, run! So I finally found some time to connect with you all! Since I haven't been posting in awhile, I thought I would update you on the past few days.

St. Patrick's Day

After training all day, B came to town (he was on Spring Break) and we met up with one of his good high school friends that just moved to town! He showed us an interesting little steak house, North Star!

Pulling up this place looked a little sketchy! We drove on a dirt road on the outskirts of Topeka to get to this "dive!" No windows and a barred front door made it look a little like a brothel! B and I were wondering what we got ourselves into!

The place was wood paneling floor to ceiling with swag carpet and deep privacy booths-very classy! Each booth had it's on juke box-but just for show! Marc is posing with ours-Terrific!

I unfortunately forgot to take pics of my food, but I had a cajun grilled catfish, and no joke, it was the best fish EVER! And all of the fries and/or hashbrowns come family-style with a big cup of gravy for dipping! Comfort food at it's best! Very good place, but I would never be able to find it again without Marc!

We then headed to The Office, the piano bar I spoke about in my last post. They actually had the dueling pianos this time though! I LLLUUURRVEEE dueling piano bars! This was definitely the smallest piano joint with the smallest crowd, but it was still super fun!
Marc and I with our first green beers of the day!

I snuck in some pics with the piano players:)

Saturday, I instructed a Zumba class for Guthrie Center, Iowa, where most of my relatives live. This was a first time for many of them and they all did excellent and sweated away with me;)
These are all my relatives that did Zumba and they ROCK;) Thanks for coming guys!!
I've received some exciting new products in the mail from Swanson Health Foods! So I'll be doing some product reviews this week! I can't wait to share some new finds with you! Until then......HAVE A GREAT WEEK!
What did you do for St. Patrick's Day? Did you wear green? Do you like green beer?


  1. Looks like so much fun! We're poopers and didn't do anything for St patty's day ... but I did make Irish Beef Stew two days before hand! hehe.

  2. Fun! I stayed mellow this year. The Albany parade was the Saturday before (way too early, plus I work Saturdays) and there wasn't much going on the actual day. It was the first day that felt like spring though, so I read on my porch:-)