Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Wrap-Up

Hey Chickas!

This is my Friday, peeps! I'm heading to Iowa (again!) for my cousin Whitney's wedding tomorrow morning. This one will be a blast! I am her personal attendant and am also reading in the wedding (I told her no big words!). My family is so awesome, so I'm really excited to spend the weekend celebrating Whitney and Mike's marriage!

I was in Wichita yesterday for another convention and whenever my husband or I go to a city, we like to pick up something to eat that we don't usually get in our small town. So tonight, we had SUSHI!

Mine is on the left: I tried sashimi for the first time today, and it was good! Sashimi (from what I know about it) is actual raw fish  on top of an oval ball of rice. Usually what my husband and I have is not actually sushi, but some kind of California roll (avocados, carrots, cucs in rice), so I wanted to be adventerous! I would definitely have that again:)

Because today is the last day of March, I want to do a March recap of the month. Here are some of my love's from the month:

Allergy Medicine!

This is what I look like every March! I'm a sneezy, itchy nose, watery eye, dreary MESS! I first got allergies when I was in college in Iowa, and every March since, they have come back (darn it!). I've never been able to find a medicine that fends them off actually. My mom swears by the Neti pot-but I'm kind of grossed out by it! I tried Allegra-D for the first time and it's been really helpful! Doesn't zap my symptoms 100%, but pretty dang close! The Neti pot is a last resort for me! (BTW: I think a gravy boat could do the same thing???)

My Family
Me, my cousin Jen and my dad

My family is extremely important to me, not just my immediate family, but extended! Especially since my grandma died, I think it's doubly important to stay in touch and keep family traditions alive!

My cousin Jen (again!;), my cousin Amy, me (check out that HAIR!) and my mom at a wine tasting

What I hate from March:
We've had a few of these bad boys in Kansas since Spring started, and I'm not caring for them too much! I'm definitely a warm weather gal, and when Spring starts, I'm itching to get some shorts and tanks on!

What are your likes and dislikes from March? Have you tried a Neti pot? What is your verdict on them?

Desserted Tip of the Day: On Sunday evening, try to plan out your workout schedule for the week. Statistics show that you are more apt to follow it then slack off!


  1. I love Sashimi (raw fish) but Neti Pots scare me!

  2. This March I've loved the warm weather, hated the return to cold weather, and loved that the trees are beginning to blossom!

    Neti pots scare me and I haven't had much use for them anyways, but my boyfriend has a love/hate relationship with his. He says using it is unpleasant, but worth it, because it makes him feel much better afterwards.