Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Somebody's got a birthday...

Hola Homies!

Another day, another dollar is what I say....oh wait, I don't say that-I'm not even for sure what that means;) Oh well-Happy Wednesday, Folks! I dare say this week is going by fast! YEssssss..........

This morning started off with a NEW breakfast! (I think I should just make this a strictly breakfast blog-I think it's turning into that!)

A whole wheat low-fast pita with PB2, a drizzle of honey and a 'naner pushed in it. REALLY GOOD! And filling to boot! 6 PointsPlus

I also got in my FIRST ZUMBA class in over a week! It felt sooo good!
Grrr....mean face!

The class was even nice enough to let me FACE THEM to practice for a new class I'm teaching Saturday to some new Zumba peeps. It really is the Zumba philosophy to face the class instead of having your back to them. However the three original instructors in my town started teaching everyone while facing away from them, so I go along with them. We do have mirrors at the Wellness Center so it's not a big deal (everyone can see my face and I can see theirs), but the place I taught at tonight, and will teach on Saturday, has no mirrors. When I face the class now they either turn with me or they get nervous because I'm "watching" them! So it's just easier to face away-they like it, and the instructors are use to it. But I'm trying to switch it up a little;)

I even burned SOOOO many calories, I got a BIG treat tonight!

That's right, folks! I've gone and done it-FOUR GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! And no shortbread crap-REAL Girl Scout Cookies in all of its chocolately goodness:) I'm still well within my calorie goals for the day-so yeah for me! This Bodybugg thing is super awesome when I can eat some cookies;)


In other's my friend VANESSA'S BIRTHDAY!!!!! She's a few years younger than me so I like when the youngin's can come catch up to us;)

You may remember Vanessa from some sweaty workout pics on this blog. She's my fav workout partner for sure! And one of the main reasons I love Vanessa is she's always up for ANYTHING-well, you know what I mean-FUN things!!! I can call her to go to a party, go workout, go to the lake, watch a movie, go out to eat, ANYTHING and 90% of the time she's up for a good time! I love "good time" people!

Vanessa with her husband Steve doing their "Christmas Card Pose" during our Ugly Christmas Sweater Party 2010.

Vanessa and I at New Year's Eve.

And my favorite.....

Our friend Julie, Vanessa and my a$$.....don't ask!

Happy Birthday, Vanessa!

What's your favorite Girl Scout cookie?

Desserted Tip of the Day: Now that I have my Bodybugg, I realize now just how important the smallest movements make towards your daily calorie goal! Always take the stairs, park far away and walk an extra block, do lunges while talking on the phone, do knee raises while brushing your teeth-basically anytime you AREN'T doing something, you COULD be doing something to burn a few extra know, if you are in to that sort of thing!

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  1. Thin mints and samoas! But I'll eat any cookie you give me - I don't cookie discriminate :)

  2. Ah, samoas are the best!! 'Good time' people are the best!

  3. I love your tip of the day! I definitely have to keep that in mind!

    Mmm, girl scout cookies ^__^

  4. SEE! That's what I mean... watching the calorie numbers... I'm afraid of that Bodybugg. FEAR! ;)

    And PS I love GS cookies so much that I knew I couldn't order them. I have no control. :P