Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tunes for Groovin'!

Hello Friends!

It's a dreary day in Kansas:( It's been raining and misting all day, and the past few days we've had flurries every night! It's supposed to be March here, Mother Nature! Spring has arrived! Let us enjoy it! *Hmph*

Today I was in a nearby "city" for a seminar and we got done a little early, so I stopped at my favorite health food store and picked up a couple things I've never tried:

Nutritional Yeast and Liquid Aminos

To be honest with you, I'm not 100% about the health benefits of these. I do know that the yeast, sprinkled on food, tastes like cheese. And the aminos taste like soy sauce with NO sodium! I'll look more into these and try them out and let you know my thoughts;)

I also got a great workout in after I drove home in the rain: my Interval Extreme class!

Sweaty beast with racoon eyes!


Today, I'm hoping to freshen up your iTunes or music library with some new workouts tunes! All of these songs I list here are tried and true tunes that I have personally grooved to to get me going! They are all within a few years old. I hope you enjoy!

Lip Gloss by Lil Mama
If you know me personally at all, then you know I'm addicted to lip gloss! I love the stuff! So it natural that I navigated to this song;) Lil Mama kinda had a one hit wonder with this song, but it was aMAZin'! It's super catchy with a hard clap/drum beat-perfect for jump roping or running!

Crown on the Ground by Sleigh Bells
For about a year now, Sleigh Bells have been the new kids on the alternative music scene. They jumped on the scene at last year's SXSW in Austin, TX and people have been nuts about them ever since! Sleigh Bells is like nothing you've ever heard before-promise! While most songs/bands have a heavy bass line, Sleigh Bells have a heavy treble line-I call it noise pop! I crank this song up (and many of their other songs from their album "Treats") and my heart races and my head bobs-it just has to;)

Solange is Beyonce's little sister for those who don't know! You can definitely tell a similarity in their voices and looks, but Solange's style is kind of old-school motown, which is really hip! Even my husabnd will crank this song up when he hears it and belts it out! It's just a groovy tune! Check out the video by clicking the link above!

What's My Name by Rihanna
This song is getting overkill on the radio right now, but I can't help it, I love it! I could really go without Drake though. He's kind of a buzz kill in my book, so if you buy this on iTunes, I would recommend buying the verion WITHOUT Drake! Although the versus are a tad slow, the chorus more than makes up for it! For some reason I just want to roll my hips like Rihanna does!

My new obsession right now is Matt & Kim! This song in particular has a heavy tuba line (love that!) and some crazy bells! I'm in love with interesting instruments in pop songs! This song is almost undescribable-you must listen;) Check out the link above for the music video!

Whip My Hair by Willow Smith
Uh, can you say adorable???? As soon as I saw this girl, I was in love! Her style is beyond unique and she actually has a great voice without autotune which is a miracle these days! And if you listen to the words of this song, it has a really positive message about being yourself, and I'd like to think Willow is a huge advocate of being who you are and celebrating that! Here's to strong little ladies;)

Wolf Like Me by TV on the Radio
This song makes me want to jump up down, head shaking, fist pumping and yelling out the lyrics! I love the monotone voice of TV on the Radio, yet, you can still hear his emotion in this song. The drum beat and electric guitar makes you keep going well after you are tired. Unfortunately, there is a small part in the song that gets really slow-a breakdown if you will. Listen to the song, and take it for what it is. If you like it-shout out at me!

Those are my suggestions for freshening up your iPod or MP3 player to get you jacked for your workout! Please let me know what your fav current workout songs are and if you like any of these that I mentioned above. I'd love to hear your input!


  1. I have wondered what the nutritional yeast was suppose to be for...I need to check that out.
    Some of my "go-to" songs are
    "Not Afraid" and "'Till I collapse" by Eminem
    "California Girls" by Katy Perry
    "Hot n cold" by Katy Perry
    "Tik Tok" by Kesha
    most any song by Pink
    "Glamorous" by Fergie
    "Just Dance" by Lady Gaga

    just to name a few :)

  2. I haven't tried nutritional yeast or liquid aminos... I'll have to look into them as well. Though I haven't heard a lot about them, I have a feeling that the yeast may have some benefits but the jury is SO out in my mind about the liquid aminos (especially in light of the fact that our bodies absorb the most nutrients from whole foods and not supplements, so I'm thinking that the liquid aminos may not be as nutritionally helpful. But I'll have to do some research!) They are primarily used for getting more "protein" - - so hopefully they have a good amount of the essential amino acids!