Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An apology...

Hi My Friends!

What a sun-shiny day in Kansas! Although we still have plenty of snow, the sun is trying its darndest to melt it away! Of course, it is melting, but because it reached a record 12 degrees today it turned to ice! Hmmmm.....I'm just holding tight until the 50 degree days next week;)

I hope you liked yesterday's post and it got you thinking about tracking your food and exercise! It got me thinking so much that I really want to take it to the next level and buy a Bodybugg! This monitors every single calorie you burn throughout the day and then you tell it what you ate and it tells you how much more/less to eat to gain or lose weight! Pretty nifty (the price tag is too!). Does anyone have experience with a Bodybugg? Any recommendations/advice/tips for a Bodybugg?

I tried a new breakfast recipe today (imagine that!): Passion Berry Overnight Chia Oats! Sounds interesting, huh?!?! I actually got the idea from The New Healthy blog, but cheated a little and only put 1 T. of chia seeds to make it 7 points instead of 8 points (I know, LAME-O! But 7 is where I draw the line for a breakfast!). So next time I would probably add a little less liquid since the chia seeds are supposed to soak the liquid up-I just didn't have enough seeds to sop it all up! It was still really good!

The night before, ready to sit in the fridge

In the morning, ready to eat! I added a little Splenda and thawed frozen strawberries.

I think I'm gonna start nuking my overnight oatmeal. I'm not really digging the cold oatmeal thing and I think heating it up would be just as tasty!


For the remainder of this post, I'd like to offer a big apology. An apology that is definitely warranted, because I closed my mind to her possibilities and just "assumed" she was out-dated. On the outside, she may not be "in the times" but she can definitely hold her own and has a lot to offer if you search! Who is this apology to? The fair city of BELOIT, KANSAS!
A major reason I started this blog was because I was tired of reading in my favorite blogs, "I went to Trader Joe's and just picked up some organic-this and fancy-schmancy that." I really had to skip over so much of my favorite reads because I just knew I would never be able to make these creative, healthy, WILD creations! I was, instead, stuck with hamburgers, corn on the cob, chicken wings, pizza and carbs! The life of the Midwest! BOY, was I wrong!

Lookie, Lookie what this gal found!

This is only a third of the massive selection of vitamins and minerals at our local drug store! They are sneaky and had these tucked away in the back, where you have to pass pretty picture frames, fancy lotions and jewelry (I usually don't get passed this stuff before my prescription is filled!). While looking closer, they had coconut oil (always an elusive ingredient to me, but many city health bloggers use this all the time) and flax seed oil! And don't forget good ole' protein powder! Goodness, I'm gonna have to look into this more!

Grocery Store Finds

Veggie Wash! I actually bought this at a fancy health food store in a town an hour away because I just KNEW my little town didn't care about washed produce. Once again, I'm humbled!

Fresh Herbs!
Really, I'm in heaven, right?!?! I asked a worker, "You don't have basil do you?" as I had a growly, pissed off look on my face because I knew what the answer was going to be and I'd have to use DRY....AGAIN while the fun city bloggers got to use fresh! As all of this was running through my head and I was starting on an internal mini-hiss fit she said "Yep, they are hanging right behind you!" Well, slap me silly and bite my tongue! I apologize again....

 Oat Bran and 5-Grain Cereal!

Gluten Free and soy flour (I don't use them, but still an impressive find!)

Hmmm, well this is really going to change my thinking! I CAN make fancy big-city blogger recipes after all! I CAN experiment with new and healthy food! All it takes is a little bit of digging and not to have an assuming attitude! Doesn't that make you wonder what's in your little town (if you live in a little town!)? Explore your town and let me know what you come up with? Are you surprised with anything you have found lately in your town? Have you ever asked your grocer to carry something specific?

Desserted Tip of the Day: Working out doesn't have to mean getting on your yoga pants and heading to the gym. You can get a great and fun workout just dancing around your house, cleaning the floors, SCOOPING SNOW (my driveway is available for a good workout!). Get creative and get sweating in new ways! I love popping in JustDance2 on Wii and dancing away! Now THAT'S a fun workout;)
What's your favorite non-traditional workout that you can work up a sweat to?


  1. Just Dance 2 is my favorite game right now! I use it a lot when I don't feel like going to the gym.

    I don't live in a small town, but I was so excited to find an organic aisle in my local grocery store. I kept seeing a lot of healthy living bloggers write about things like Clif bars and VitaTops, and it turns out my store had them!

  2. Ooo. Chia seeds. *shudder*. So... i tried overnight oats with them and _hated_ them. They got all bloated, slimy, and disgusting! I didn't like how they felt in my mouth at all! But I made Quick Chia Bread and taht was AWESOME! (you can find it under the baking recipes on my page!).

  3. I used something similar to a bodybugg during my competition prep. I do think it was useful for seeing how much my regular activity adds up to and to gauge how much I should be eating to lose weight but not starve myself. After using it for a couple months though it got obsessive. I think they are good to gain some insight into our bodies but we have to be cautious to not go overboard with them, which I did.

  4. I like the idea of a bodybugg....if it didn't have to be on my arm all day. I think it would bug me to have that bulge on my arm under my clothes. I know that sounds really stupid, but I think it would just "bug" me lol. When the weather isn't sub-zero and a almost a foot of snow, I like to get a ball...take it outside with my 2 little ones and just kick it around the yard for something that is fun, active and not so serious. We are getting a Wii this next week and I can't wait to try it out for something new to do indoors.