Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goals of Studying

Welcome to February Everybody!
(It's that much closer to spring!)

Even though my husband got to stay cozied up in bed, I had to trudge out of my warmness at 7 am to get myself prettied up for work:( The court house and health dept, including many other businesses in town, were closed today because of the crazy weather we were having! But not my work-we were all dedicated and blew into our office today!

Of course, when the alarm clock rang, I knew I was having pancakes (or A pancake) for breakfast! Pancakes remind me of lazy Sunday mornings when you have time to make good, homemade pancakes with your family. So to have them on a random Tuesday morning felt really special!

It was another Biochemista recipe: Protein Pancake! And it was soooo delicious and easy! And this one big pancake kept me full for about three hours (no small feat!)

I didn't have small berries to put in the pancake (like blueberries or rasberries) so I defrosted my strawberries in the microwave and it developed a wonderful sweet juice to pour over the cake. That means less syrup (calories)! This was really heavenly-I'd love for you to try it! This packed two servings of fruit and was 6 Pointsplus.

I was afraid my Intervals class tonight was going to be a wash because of the weather. But I got new workout clothes in the mail and was so excited to work out in them:) New workout gear always makes me excited to keep working out! Anyway, I had four dedicated ladies there and we got in a GREAT workout!

I look like a grumpy bitch! Promise I'm not;)

Of course I forgot my camera so I couldn't capture my classmates in a sweaty pic! I'll get you next time, ladies!!!


I have something looming over my head.......
It's been on my mind for months now.....
I really need to do it but I keep procastinating......
I'm afraid I can't do it......

Studying and passing my ACE Group Exercise Instructor Certification!

Some of you out there may be thinking, "What's the big deal? Just study and take the stupid test!" Easy for you to say! I've cracked this book open a few times, highlighted sections, took the practice test at the end of a chapter-AND HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I JUST READ!

I take being a group exercise instructor very seriously! I research almost everyday on new exercises. I make sure I'm reaching all body groups/muscles in a class. I try to vary from hard to easy exercises. I try to monitor class participants to make sure they are using correct form or if they are struggling with something. I DO NOT, however, no the fundamentals of anatomy. I DO NOT know what certain cells do in certain muscles. I DO NOT know the names of every human bone and what it does. Does this make me a bad group exercise instructor? I think not. Now, it wouldn't hurt if I knew this stuff, but I'm just dragging my feet on learning it! Why? Because it's like reading Greek to me! I was never a biology/chemistry/math type of person. I was the English/geography/history buff! I DO NOT find science interesting (sorry, friends!)

Luckily for me, my supportive gym has given us all of the ACE certification training materials for free and will pay for my exam (pretty expensive!) but does not require us to be ACE certified. I would like to be ACE certified for my own benefit. Kind of challenge to myself. And more education is never a bad thing! But folks, I haven't been in school for years now, so studying (and studying my most hated subject!) is not coming back to me easily! Especially when my nails need painted.....;)

Well, here goes nothing.....
My goal: to take the test by the end of July (yes, it realistically takes that long to study and learn this material!)

If you are in the fitness field, are you certified in anything? Do you wish you had a certain certification? How do you feel about fitness professionals being certified?

Desserted Tip of the Day: Make small goals and treat yourself to non-food items when you reach them-like new work out clothes, downloading new songs for your iPod, going to a favorite show, or traveling! If you have a large amount of weight to lose or are preparing for a large race, making small, attainable goals can really keep you going and the whole, larger task doesn't seem so daunting!


  1. mmm pancakes sounds delicious right about now. good luck on the test!

  2. You know you have access to friends with much medical knowledge, right?
    Just saying...
    The pancake looks delish...