Friday, February 25, 2011

My Week from Hell!

Hi There Everyone!

Thanks so much to all of the well-wishes for my grandma and the great guest post from my BFF Sarah! She did a great job and I can't wait to try her recipe! Yum!

So to say this week has been crazy is an understatement! Tuesday morning I got the call from my mom that my grandma was on her death bed. I called my bro (my husband has no time to take off EXCEPT for a funeral-the joy of being a teacher!) and we headed to Iowa. Thankfully both of our jobs are supportive and gave us the time off no problem! It turns out the oxygen tank my grandma was using was faulty somehow, and once they got that fixed, she perked up a little! So we were able to talk with her and she could eat and it was a nice visit. Her time is still short unforunately and I'm afraid I'll get the call soon that I'll be seeing her the last time, however, this week was not it-thank God!

We did get some family bonding time in!

Me with my Aunt Sue (my mom's sister)

My grandpa and my Uncle Todd (my mom's dad and her brother)

My mom with her brother Randy

My Uncle Lance (my mom's brother), my cute cousin Jack (Todd's son) and Uncle Todd

My mom, my brother Adam and my cousin Nick

So, in more exciting week news, we headed back on Thursday. We had planned to get back Thursday afternoon and I would get to head into work for a few hours and I had a workshop in another town on Friday and then I was going to a Zumbathon for heart disease with Sarah Friday night-fun, right? Well, Mother Nature put a hault to that fun! We hit a BLIZZARD in Nebraska around 1 pm. I was following my mom and bro in my mom's car and my bro was driving and as we turned into a gas station, he slowly ran into a semi truck parked to turn on the highway-YIKES! It was luckily still driveable but what a scare! We sat in Hebron, Nebraska for awhile wondering if we should get a hotel room and stick it out for the night. My brother REALLY wanted to keep truckin' along-so that's what we did! We made it another 45 miles to Belleville, Kansas (right across the border and weirdly enough, Sarah's birthplace-ha!) and we were DONE traveling for the day! We ultimately decided to get a hotel room around 3:30 that afternoon and hibernated until Friday morning. We then slowly drove back to Beloit and I made it to work around 10 this morning! What a week! I'm ready to crash for awhile!

My mom coming out of the hotel in the blizzard. Where's your coat?!?!

Blizzard view from the hotel room.

Bonding in the hotel room: Mom and Adam

Me playing Sims 2 on PSP and Adam watching

Needless to say, my eats have been not so good! My grandpa LOVES to buy pizza for everyone when the family gathers. And for a girl who LOVES pizza but never has it because of how bad it is, this is usually when I pig out! And that I did;) We then had pizza again Thursday night because they would deliver to our hotel room-we DIDN'T want to get out again;)

I did get one good sweat session in at the hospital because they have a small fitness room. So while grandma slept, I lifted weights for an hour and my mom walked. That felt great!

I haven't seen my husband since Tuesday, so we'll be doing a little date night tonight to catch up on life. Tomorrow we go to state wrestling to cheer on my dad's team and then head to the parents house for a wrestling party! That's usually fun and I'm looking forward to it, but would love to stay at home also;)

I hope you all have a great weekend, and maybe this blog will get back to normal sometime soon;) I appreciate you all hangin' in there with me!

Do you eat bad when you are stressed? What is your favorite stress reducing food? Does a workout help when you are stressed?

Desserted Tip of the Day: Weightlifting will consistently burn more calories throughout the day then cardio alone. I'll say it again, add a little resistance training (body weight alone will be perfect if you don't have the equipment!) and you'll be a calorie burning machine:)


  1. I definitely eat more when I'm stressed, and I make poor food choices as well. It usually starts out as a bowl of cereal... ends with me eating the whole box :(

  2. Yup, I eat when I'm stressed too. It's a really difficult habit to shake. I"m a carbohdyrate person... give me bread, cereal, cake, cookies... anything, and it'll be gone. Same goes for ice cream, really ;)

  3. I'm a carb-loader when I stress too. I must have been stressed FOR you this week! ;)

    At least you got a workout in. That always makes things feel even-keel. And I'm sure your grandpa loved getting pizza for everyone- if it's his "thing" I'm sure it made things feel more normal for him.

  4. I'm so glad to hear your grandma is doing at least a little better. I usually eat less when I'm stressed because I'm rarely at home when I'm stressed. I work through meals and end up having wine for dinner, which probably isn't the best solution either!