Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snack Attack!!!

Hey Friends!

So, as you can see, I missed my post yesterday! I have no good excuse except laziness! We all have those days-yesterday was mine;) I hope you all had a great day though!!!

My day of eats today was nothing special, however I do have to mention yesterday's breakfast!

So yummy, this is another dessert-type breakfast that is super hearty and creamy! Try it today, peeps (or wait until breakfast-whatever floats your boat:)!

I also got in two killer Zumba workouts yesterday and today (only one sweaty pic-Sorry!)

And for dinner tonight? I might have polished this off....

Assorted Tastefully Simple dips with tortilla chips!

I DID save my calories throughout the day for this treat! Arguably not the healthiest of meals-but maybe one of the tastiest! Good news-they are out of my house now! Give me chips and dip anytime and I'm in heaven:) I think I like the act of dunking:)


For the last few weeks, I've been taking pictures of all my snacks. While I focus on meals and easy recipe ideas on this blog, I TRULY live for snacks! They really make my day and I am a creature of habit! So once I find a snack with low points and fills me up, I hold onto it for dear life! I think I have about four snacks throughout the day-two mid-morning and two in the afternoon. I know-I snack a lot! Small, low calorie snacks throughout the day keeps the metabolism humming along!

I love getting new snack ideas, so please share yours with me! This can be a learning experience for all involved!

Morning Snacks
Greek, or low fat/fat free plain yogurt, with berries and splenda.
That splenda really makes this treat worth it! This yogurt is bitter, so it needs a little sumpin'-sumpin' to make it delicious! (And no, the berries' sweetness is NOT enough!) I usually get Weight Watchers fat free plain yogurt because you can have a full cup of it for 2 pointsplus, while Greek yogurt is only 1/2 cup. I add in a 1/2 cup of frozen berries. At 10 am I set it on my desk and they are thawed and made a delicious juice for me by my 11 am snack!

Big honkin' apple!
Last week I bought a HUGE bag of apples, and of course I can't find what kind they are (Fuji or Gala-can't remember which one!), but they are THE BOMB! Super juicy and refreshing! I eat my apple straight up at work. Sometimes in the evening I'll cut one up and dip in PB2 or sprinkle with cinnamon for a dessert. It takes forever to eat (love QUANTITY!) so my snack time last longer;)

Low Fat String Cheese
In Weight Watchers, we have to get two low-fat/fat free dairy products in each day. Some days I go way over, but sometimes I'm searching for something cheesy to eat! Enter string cheese! I love this stuff! First, it's super fun to eat! I'm not one to just chomp down on it. I want to actually string it off  and twirl it around my tongue as I did as a kid! It's also filling and yummy!

Afternoon Snacks
Cocoa Roasted Almonds
If you haven't tried these yet, hurry and go get yourself some! They are soooo good! Just a slight dusting of cocoa on these healthy and filling morsels adds the perfect amount of sweet and indulgence to an otherwise boring snack! So great! 3 PointsPlus

Carrots and Dip
Usually this dip is hummus, sometimes it's black bean dip as pictured above, or sometimes I eat them plain. But they are an everyday staple in my afternoon snacks. Kinda boring, but....

And my very favorite snack: chocolately, peanut buttery, gooey, decadent, sinful snack, VITATOPS! These are by far my fav snack ever! They are literally like the top of a muffin (the best part!) There are a ton of different varieties (Triple Chocolate Chunk, Deep Chocolate, Chocolate Pomegranate, and pictured above: Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip). You can find them at Dillons in the freezer section. I don't live by a Dillons so I usually order them online. Hungry Girl has a deal with them a few times a year where you can order 24 of a variety pack at a discounted rate and with free shipping. I try to wait for those deals (its expensive to ship to Kansas!), but I'm down to only 2 left! EEEAAAACCKKK! 3 PointsPlus

Tell me what you snack on everyday? Do you have a favorite morning and afternoon snack that you look forward to everyday?

In other news.....

He even coached a wrestling meet tonight and his team WON! Actually STOMPED THEM! Way to go, Dad! I think that's the best birthday present he could have received;)

Desserted Tip of the Day: Live everyday by the words of The Limousines "Internet Killed the Video Star."
Well I'm a horrible dancer. I aint' gonna lie.
But I'll be damned if that means I ain't gonna try.
So simple, but so bad ass! Live your life as if no one's watching! (By the way, this song is super duper!)
Do you have a favorite music lyric quote?

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  1. I _totally_ miss posts because of laziness. Then I feel totally guilty that I didn't write one (even though not many people read it anyway!). It's like when you eat that third peice of chocolate cake because it's so good and then feel ultra guilty the next day. So crazy that neglecting to blog can make us feel like that. I'm trying to be OK with it ;)

    Those are some of my favorite snacks too! I like chobani with fruit; hummus and carrots, apple and cheddar cheese, banana and pb, cottage cheese mixed with salsa with cut veggies (Sounds gross but it's SO good!). Good eats!