Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back to My Life

Hiya Peeps!

Phew, that weekend went fast!!! I hope you are all enjoying the Oscars right now, or whatever wind down event you like to do Sunday nights! I love to relax with some hot tea and watch Brothers & Sisters and Desperate Housewives, but since the Oscars are on, I think I'll be watching that!

After our relaxing date night Friday night, we got up early to cheer on my dad's three wrestlers that made it to State wrestling.

We ended up watching three matches, winning one of them. No State placers this year, but it was still fun to watch and support my dad!

Because we were done early, my family decided to play some Just Dance 2 on Wii, which only B and I had done before!

B dancing to Rasputin-so funny I about pee'd my pants:)

My brother and B dancing to Wake me Up (before you Go Go) by Wham! This is when they were doing the "Carlton" dance from the Fresh Prince! Does anyone remember that dance? I still break it out at appropriate times;)

Total fun! I think they all enjoyed it! My parents had their usual after State party, but my mom and I were so drained from the week, we ended up going to bed before midnight! But sleeping felt sooooo good:)

This morning I tried the new McDonald's fruit and maple oatmeal for breakfast.

I was pretty impressed with this and will definitely be trying it again! It clocks in at around 290 calories and around 7 PointsPlus. You can get it without brown sugar and it's 270 calories and probably 6 PointsPlus. It really wasn't very sweet at all though, so I wonder if it will be very good without the brown sugar? The fruit in it is chopped apples, dried cranberries, golden raisins and raisins. I really would have preferred apples and walnuts. Dried fruit in my oatmeal is weird I think. But whatever floats your boat! But a very hearty breakfast if you are on the road! I paired mine with a medium nonfat sugar free vanilla latte-perfect breakfast:)

When we got home, I got my first Zumba sess in in over a week! That is way too long to go without Zumba!!! I just went up to the Wellness Center to practice. I'm practicing facing TO the participants instead of having my back to them. I have mirrors in front of me so it's really not a big deal, but I'm starting to teach at facilities that DON'T have mirrors, and the Zumba philosophy is to face the class to create more of a "party" atmosphere. I guess people don't like to look at your butts at parties?!?! HA! Anyway, it's hard to get myself out of the habit of starting on my opposite foot/arm, but I'm trying!

Sweaty, red beast!

After my workout, I had a simple snack of a light Flatout wrap, light Laughing Cow cheese, Romaine lettuce and dried pesto mix sprinkled on top.

Perfect after workout snack!

My life is finally feeling a bit more normal now. Going to a full day of work tomorrow will bring back a routine in my life that I desperately need! It's been a crazy month, but March is going to be even worse I think!

Tomorrow I'll be recapping my fav February things!

What's your favorite after workout snack? Do you crave a routine or do you like the freedom of not having a schedule?

Desserted Tip of the Day: Are you stuck behind a desk all day at work? Try to take a short walk around the block followed by a few stretches in the morning and afternoon of your work day. Notice how this makes you feel and how your day goes by taking a few minutes to clear your mind and get some fresh air every day.


  1. Haha, I love the Carlton! My brother got me to start watching re-runs of that a few years ago, so now I tend to watch it whenever I see that it's on. Both of those songs on Just Dance 2 are also really fun.

    I love to have either a mini bar, an apple dipped in either nutella or flavored pb, or yogurt with granola as an after workout snack.

    I like having a morning routine, but I often change my daily/evening routines to suit whatever I'm doing that day.

  2. My after workout snack is an apple with PB :)

    In some ways, I like having a routine, but the older I get, the more I trust myself to be productive without one. I wouldn't mind having the freedom of no schedule :)