Sunday, February 13, 2011

A weekend in Lawrence: Picture Blog

Hey There!

Good evening! I'm back from Lawrence and what a magnificent time we had! B and I have both lived in cities and love visiting them, but after living in a small town, we both agreed that all the people and traffic were really annoying us! As much as we say we'd love to live in a city some day, our small town has crept into our habits and it would be hard to adjust again to all the commotion of a city (wow, I sound really old;)

Because we had such an EPIC time in Lawrence, I took TONS of pictures! I thought it would just be fun to do a picture blog today so you can see what we were up to the last 2 days!

The Hotel:

The view from our hotel, looking onto the the Kaw River.

Buffalo chicken salad and tomato basil soup.
Very good and filling, except the soup was kinda of greasy-weird!

The game:
Kansas vs. Iowa State

 On the floor of Allen "Phog" Fieldhouse

 We just got into our seats and were EXCITED!

 KU's pep band in front of us (but waaayyy lower;)

 Introducing the players at the beginning of the game.

 It was weird to see the player actually shooting the shot, and also zoomed in on the TV above.

 Final score: KU 89, Iowa State 66-WE WON!

KU made the entrance into the fieldhouse a huge, awesome sports museum! Did you know KU is the home of basketball? A KU coach back in the day actually invented it! There is a rich history there!


 My first beer of the day: Crimson Phog (an Irish red)-so good!

 All the brewed beer on tap

This is a horrible photo but it was sooo dark in this place! I could barely read the menu! But this was one of the best meals I've had in a long time!
Tilapia Florentine: Grilled tilapia with sauteed spinach, almonds, artichokes with feta cheese. SOOO GOOD!

The Bar:

This was B's favorite place to go when he went to school here, and I could totally see why!

 The outside of the building-FUN!

 My husband is obsessed with sharks-so of course he would love this place!

 Huge fish when you walk in!

 Shark attack! Their famous drink! That shark is hollow and comes with a shot of "blood"-or some kinda of alcohol that is blood red! You pour it in the drink so it looks like a "shark attack!"

 All of the "fun" drinks come with toys-seriously! How did someone not think of this before-giving adults toys at a bar? Perfect! Here is Megan (B's friend from high school who lives near Lawrence) modeling her "Kanye" glasses!

 I got a "Dinomite" which comes with these weird glasses, a little Dinosaur who we name "Gary" and beads! I was in heaven!

 A mustache for B! But the shark and Gary didn't like it and they were trying to eat it off his face:)

 The Sandbar is home of the "Indoor Hurricane!" Basically some fans come on, napkins are thrown around to simulate chaos in a hurricane, and some ladies with mermaid aprons hop on the bar! There is also a special song and dance everyone does!

 Megan and I hopped onto our benches and followed the TV's where the dance was being shown and gave it our best shot!

B joined us!
It was such a fun bar! I highly recommend it if you are in Lawrence!

The next day

This is a chain restaurant, but we've never been here before so we thought we would try it. I got a small order of Pasta Fresca-Penne sauteed in olive oil, balsamic and white wine with roasted garlic, red onion, tomato and spinach with a dusting of parmesan. Very delish!

After lunch, we went to my all-time favorite food cheat places: Cold Stone Creamery! Oohhhh, I love me some Cold Stone;) I tried to be a little good (it didn't work out!) I got an Oreo Overload with Sinless Sweet Cream ice cream. But unforunately I could really tell the ice cream was low fat-it just didn't taste good. And I figure if I'm gonna get all the choco-stuff in it, I might as well get what I want and have it taste good! Lesson learned-go full fat on cheats;)

Then B took me to The Merc, a health food store in Lawrence. I LUURVVEED it! I'm so jealous of Lawrence peeps! I got a bunch of my favorite Amy's soups (always a lunch favorite!) and found some Guiltless Gourmet black bean chips that I've heard about but have never found! I even got this gem:

A vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookie! Yes, I had ice cream and a cookie today-don't judge! I'm not vegan but I just wanted to try it, and the verdict was-I couldn't tell a difference! This was a big cookie that was crisp on the outside and nice and chewy on the inside with no hint that it had no flour or eggs! I'm impressed! I announced to B that I could sooo be vegan, but I do like the occassional cheese and crackers, plus some chicken! So I won't be heaading that direction anytime soon!

Well, that was my weekend in a nut shell! I felt B and I connected as he showed me his old stomping ground of Lawrence and it's always fun to visit new places;)

What's a weekend getaway that you have taken recently that was total fun? Do you have a mini-vaca coming up that you are looking forward to?

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