Sunday, February 6, 2011

Clean-Out Saturday

Hello Lovelies!

Good morning! And welcome to a lovely Sunday morning (this is my Saturday since I took Monday off! So I might be a little more chipper than usual;)

Yesterday I didn't have time to get my blog up, but it was a very productive day! It started with Vanessa and I going to the gym to pump iron! We were bad asses!!!

After my workout, I was famished!

I made up a spinach salad with tuna salad (light mayo, Tastefully Simple Garlic Garlic, hot sauce, mustard and relish) with some fat free cheese. I also ate a coconut haystack! Anyone try one of those yet???

I then proceeded to tackle some out-of-control closets in our house! We have a coat closet by the door and also a closet in the hallway between our bathroom and kitchen. I'm guessing that is the closet for towels and toiletries and such, but I need more room in my kitchen-so I made it a pantry...with some towels in it!

Of course I was zoned-in at the task at hand and I forgot to take a before/after picture! But I put all the cleaning supplies in the coat closet so they wouldn't be mixing with the pantry items in the other closet. I also put big kitchen gadgets (panini maker, griddle, angel food cake pan, etc) in the "pantry" for storage. A whole shelf is dedicated to dip mixes (I love dip!) that can be used for quick entertaining! I think it will be a lot more useful than before. But B is still determining his verdict. His initial reaction was "What did you do to my coat closet?" Ha, well, he'll get used to it-right?!?!?!

I did make a brilliant discovery though!


I bought these at a girl's weekend a couple year's ago and proclaimed that I would be bringing earmuffs back in fashion! I guess that didn't happen! But now that I found them again, I'm totally gonna rock 'em:)

Another find?

Just how many stinkin' coozies we have!! I think we have around 50-seriously! For a two-person household! We love a cold beer/soda! The pile on the left is what I'm giving away at a garage sale-I might need to reevaulate that:)

After organizing and cleaning the house, I practiced a new Zumba song and did a few JustDance 2 moves! Still love that game!

B was at a basketball game all day and wasn't getting home until around 8, so I decided to make myself a big platter of Hungry Girl's buttnernut squash fries with chili and cheese on them!

Of course I forgot to take a picture of the finished product cause I was scarfin'! I love this meal when I feel like making something big and decadent but they are still well within calorie/point goals! It's super fantastic-I would highly recommend it!

Today B and I are heading off to church, then I'm rushing back to make potato skins (skin flavors from Pittsburg and Green Bay!) and heading over to a Super Bowl party at 1 to munch and have fun all day! I can't wait! I hope you have some great and fun plans for the big game! I love any excuse to have FUN! I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow with lots of crazy pictures:)

What is your favorite snack for the Super Bowl? What are you making for the big game? Do you have big plans for the day?

Desserted Tip of the Day: Try to shake up what you eat everyday. So many times people go on a diet and leave it within weeks because they are BORED! I find so much inspiration for food from blogs, cookbooks, friends, family and any health site-I'm always trying a new recipe! Shake it up and open possibilities to new types of food and ingredients!


  1. I LOVE cleaning out closets and getting rid of clutter. It just feels SO good!

  2. LOL at the coozies!

    We are making pretzel bites for the game. Yum!