Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Bodybugg

Hola Chickas!!

Well, the weekend has come to an end:( But I'm trying to be optimistic about my week of work ahead me. I want to thank you all for the kind words on my Stress! post. I feel the stress at a comfortable high still, but it hasn't jumped into breakdown-mode yet. Hopefully I fend that off!!!

Friday after my Stress! post, I headed to Bunco with the ladies! Such a fun night, as always!

Kelly, me and Pepper

Leanne, me and Brianne

Relaxing, food, fun, drinks and girlfriends! A perfect end to a stressful week!

And the winners: not me this time:( Vanessa, Lisa, Leanne and Amy. Good job, girls!

Saturday I got up early to lift weights and then headed to regional wrestling to watch my dad's team. He got three to state wrestling in the hardest regionals in the state (HE says that, not me Kansas folks!). Congrats, pa! B and I will be heading to State next weekend (1 hour away) to watch his team. Then they always have all the wrestling folk over for a great party after State! Can't wait!

And today has been a good mix of lazy with production. Got up to go to church and stayed for a soup lunch and then took a glorious nap (which I don't need because I get PLENTY of sleep, but it was still marvelous anyways!). Then I cleaned the kitchen and floors, practiced some Zumba, and here I am! So it HAS been a pretty perfect Sunday;)

After Zumba (just practicing some new choreo so not so sweaty today), had to show off my new Bondi Band! I love it! But I kinda feel like Captain Jack Sparrow a little....


Ever since I got my Bodybugg, I've been getting some unusual comments. My mom rolls her eyes and says "you're weird!" My BFF says to watch out, you might get obsessed with calorie counting! Many others have just said "Isn't that super expensive? Is it really worth it?" So here are my thoughts on the Bodybugg and why I bought it!

Don't mind the dirty mirror;)

The first time I heard about Bodybugg was about a year ago when Hungry Girl mentioned it on her site. She said it would accurately count your calories all day, but it was a tad expensive. She highly recommended it though. At that point in my life, having a Bodybugg wasn't even on my radar, nor in my budget!

Since then, I've jumped head-first into fitness and maybe have gotten a bit obsessed! I workout almost every day, have bought supplements (mostly a waste of money), would rather buy new workout clothes than anything else, have become a group exercise instructor and Zumba instructor and am always on the hunt for new workout gear and healthy recipes! Keeping these things in mind, I'm always trying to improve myself, push myself, LEARN about myself, and this is where Bodybugg comes in!

As I mentioned in another post, two fitness ladies in my town recently purchased a Bodybugg and they really helped me in my decision. Both just loved it and said they haven't regretted the decision to purchase it once! After my own product review search on the Internet, I couldn't find one bad thing about the Bodybugg! With some money from Christmas still floating around in my bank account, I was ready to purchase!

So what exactly IS a Bodybugg and what can it DO for you? According to their Web site, the Bodybugg:
-Uses specialized sensors to track calories burned throughout the day
-Measures calories consumed via a Web based program
-Tracks your steps with a built in pedometer
Basically, you wear a small sensor to your arm most of the day (you don't have to wear it sleeping, or showering) and it reads exactly how many calories you burn. This can help in a few different ways: How many calories to consume and burn to lose, gain or maintain weight. If you are an athlete, it can also help to achieve these goals as well, but I didn't go down that path since I wasn't under this heading.

I've worn my armband for 3 days now, and it really hasn't bothered me at all. It's lightweight and sleek-you'd really have to grab my arm to figure out I was wearing it! I also purchased the display watch so I can see in real time my calories being burned and pedometer. This is where the "calorie counting obsessed" thing comes in. I can see how someone might come obsessed with the "numbers," but I really don't see myself doing that. I plan to wear my display only when I'm working out, so I can get an idea of how many calories I burn doing different activities. I really don't care how many I burn sitting at my desk for 7 hours out of my day-boring! But I will try to keep myself in check so I DON'T become obsessed!

My purchase also comes with a coaching session from a professional trainer over the phone. I'm pretty excited about this! The coach will go over my goals with me and fully help me to understand everything my Bodybugg can do, including the Web site portion-which is intricate, full of information, and a little confusing right now! I'm sure I'll understand it more and get the most out of my Bodybugg after my coaching session!

As for the cost? Mine was $220 which includes the Bodybugg, display watch, 10 months of their free online program (essential!) and free shipping. Overall, I don't mind paying that much for such a neat piece of equipment! This will tell me more about myself than any other fitness equipment on the market! Invaluable!

If you have any specific questions (or concerns) about the Bodybugg, I'd be happy to try to answer them! After my coaching session, I'm hoping to know a lot more! Thanks for your concerns and questions thus far, and I hope to reach my fitness goals soon with the help of my 'bugg!

Are you interested in the Bodybugg? Would you get one if you had the chance? Why or why not?
What's the best fitness equipment you've ever bought and why?

Desserted Tip of the Day: Do you get enough sleep? Sleep deprivation can result in weight gain, stress, memory lapses, headaches, depression and much more! Please try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep a night!


  1. I've always seen the bodybugg on the Biggest Loser--I think it's a great idea and a great way to keep yourself accountable! :)

    The best fitness equipment I ever bought was my treadmill! It was a big purchase, but I use it nearly every day! :)

  2. Lately I feel like I haven't been getting enough sleep, and it really affects me! I'm making an effort this week to get to bed earlier :)

  3. :) Hehe...
    I'm skeptical of the bodybugg! But you know that. I know how I would *personally* react to it- weight loss is a numbers game, and I think it'd be easy to get sucked into the numbers of it all. I don't know how it can track the calories you're putting IN? I haven't researched it too much, honestly. I can see why it's good on shows like BL when they're burning a lot more calories, but I think in YOUR case, it's obvious that you've got intake/burn down pretty well.
    I'll reserve judgement and I can evaluate YOU in 6 months! :) If you're still not mental from all the data, I'll consider one! ;)

  4. Are you burning as many calories as you thought you were after seeing the bodybugg count? If someone gave me the money to buy a bodybugg I would use it! Oh sleep, how I wish I could get more of you!!