Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm a Jayhawk!

Howdy Folks (a little twangy, huh?)

YEAHHHH, it's Friday!!!! I did an unthinkable this morning-I ate a donut!!!!

Not just any donut though, a homemade chocolate glazed with sprinkles that was BAKED!!! Normally donuts are 6 points on Weight Watchers, but this baby was 4! And even though I already had breakfast, I couldn't resist when someone from the office brought this in! It was worth every calorie;)

When's the last time you had a donut and was it what you were hoping for?

For lunch I was in a big rush. And you know what I like to do when I'm in a big rush-make shrimp!!! That's right! I always keep frozen, cooked shrimp in my freezer and all you have to do is run them under tap water for a few minutes and they are ready! Easy, huh?!?!

So I threw them on a bed of romaine lettuce, added diced onion, fat free cheese, a sprinkling of dry pesto from Tastefully Simple (love that company!) and fat free raspberry vinagerette dressing-YUM and easy!

I also hit a milestone with my workout tonight! I'm in no way a runner! In fact, I'm a big "I HATE RUNNING" proclaimer! I totally see the benefits of it and I look up to those who can do it, but it's soooo BORING for me! It's incredibly monotonous-I can't read because I bounce around too much, the TV at the gym is always on news with sub-titles (blah!) so it just gets to be agonizing! (Any runners have tips on achy shoulders when you run-they get to be pretty painful-am I doing something wrong?)
Anyway, before I lift, I walk and do a small amount of running to get my muscles warmed up (we're talking a few minutes!). But today I thought, I'll just throw a towel over the time and distance and just go for it-we'll see what I can do. I ran a mile and half straight! YEAH-this is probably pretty pathetic to most of you, but I was pretty excited! I still could have gone more but the sweat was so bad on my face I had to use the towel to wipe off:) Maybe I'll explore this running thing more.....
Do you have any recent workout milestones? Something awesome your body did at a workout that you were proud of?


Guess where we are going tomorrow.....

I've packed my bag....

with appropriate attire....

gassed up the car...

It's a KU basketball game vs. Iowa State!!!! We getting up nice and early tomorrow and hittin' the road to Lawrence, Kansas (a good 3 1/2 hour drive). This was my hubs Christmas present this year as he is a HUGE KU basketball fan! Growing up with my dad being a wrestling coach, I'm not into basketball, however I'm totally excited for this game-my first! Lawrence is a blast, the atmosphere at Phog Fieldhouse can't be beat (or so I hear), and it doesn't hurt that KU bball is rockin'! I love routing for a winning team;) So no post tomorrow, but I'm sure I'll be putting up an interesting "picture" post on Sunday;)

Do you follow college basketball? If so, who is your favorite team? Have you even been to a college game or a professional sporting event?

Desserted Tip of the Day: Actually, I'm reverting to Biochemista's tips on drinking today. Please check out her recent blog on drinking-her tips on not drinking when you don't feel like it even when you get peer pressure, how to not get so drunk, tips on hangovers....and more! You know you've all been there before!


  1. That donut looks so good! I feel like I've had one fairly recently, but I don't remember when. I tend to just eat it (any sweet junk food) if I'm both hungry and craving something, since if I don't I'm more prone to overeating when I finally get some. I don't remember the last time I had a bad donut ;)

    Also, I'm curious about the achy shoulders thing, too.

    Have fun at the basketball game! I've been dragged to professional baseball before and willingly attended college soccer, but never basketball. I'm not a sports person, but basketball and soccer are my favorites when I do watch a game.

  2. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK BABY!!! I am so jealous! Ok, achy shoulders is because you are too tense. You should have relaxed hands and relax your upper body more. Put your middle finger and thumb touching together too loosen your grip or tension. Are you holding on to the rails? DON'T!! That will make your upper body sore too, just go at a pace that is comfortable to not hold on and think "relax" your shoulders and hands. Great job on giving it a try!! :)

  3. P.S. I hate running on the "dreadmill" too! Running in the open air is my place to have peace and quite. Just the outdoors (sometimes with music if going more than 3 miles)and my body taking me where I want to go. That "runner's high" comes when you are done and see what you accomplished :) Ok I am done now with my soap box.

  4. Rock Chalk! You will love the Fieldhouse. (And I'm totally jealous)

  5. I don't know when I last ate a donut... because I can't eat "a" donut I then want like 6 donuts. So I just don't eat ANY.... It's safer that way.

    You know how I feel about running! I used to hate it too. Treadmill running is the worst! I can only go about 4 miles at the MOST before I want to just gouge my eyes out. Running outside is the way to go, but if you're gonna do a treadmill run I recommend books on tape. I know it sounds uber-lame, but for real, it is a great way to pass the time while you're running.
    The shoulders- I agree that you need to focus on a long neck and back and think about keeping your shoulders down and back. If you want a good read on running and theory, read "Born to Run". :)

  6. Great job on running!! I know what you mean about not liking the running thing. I didn't for a long time - then I started to run and loved it. Then I hated it again. Then I ran a marathon. And now I'm back to hatin'. I'm a cyclic runner ;)