Friday, February 18, 2011


Hi Friends!

Ok, are you ready for a little "whine" party....... UGH, this week has been insane for me, and I'm really not for sure why?!?!?! And that's why there has only been a couple posts this week-which I profusely apologize for!! I had a lot of good ideas too, but they will wait a few more days. Here is what my week has looked like so far....(all days include my 8 hours of work)

Monday: Valentine's Day (of course), spent the night traveling from restaurant to restaurant (two were closed, welcome to the middle of Kansas, folks!) and the rest of the night "trying" to spend quality time with my husband while KU lost to K-State in basketball (not fun at all.....V-Day was a wash this year!)

Tuesday: My Intervals class after work and then directly after a meeting that lasted until post:(

Wednesday: Zumba after work. Directly after we had a contractor over to give us a quote on our windows (yes, we are getting new windows! Exciting, huh?!) Followed by making dinner, doing laundry and dishes-normal Wednesday night stuff:) Got a quick post in though!!

Thursday (yesterday): I had a great post planned, got everything ready for it....and then realized my Bodybugg came in the mail!! YEAH!! So after my Zumba class I travelled around town getting Tastefully Simple orders out after my party a few weeks ago. I came home and made dinner and set my Bodybugg up! Huh, well that took about 2 hours that I wasn't expecting! No post.......

Friday (finally!): I have Bunco tonight with the ladies, which I'm so excited for! I love girl time! But I'm trying to make some caramel chocolate cake balls for my dad's birthday also (which was 2 weeks ago but I'm finally seeing him tomorrow to give him all his gifts!) Gotta hurry....

And the weekend will be full of wrestling as I watch my dad's team compete at regional wrestling in Kansas. So, I'm soooo ready for Sunday (nothing planned!) to come!

I know everyone has busy lives so I don't want it to seem like I'm sooooo much busier than everyone else! My family knows though that I LOVE to stay busy and often volunteer for things and take on projects that will keep me busy. However, my family also know that about once every few months I have a stress breakdown. Nothing horrible, but the stress of keeping such a busy schedule overwhelms me and I crash for about a day, I'm grumpy, lazy, feel the world is coming to an end and I need to be pampered! I feel the stress rising to this level, which is not good! So I'm sooo happy it's Friday and I have a fun unwind night tonight (but I'm still thinking of my workout tomorrow, what will I eat to stay healthy at the wrestling tournament, what time I have to wake up, how will the bathrooms/floors/sheets get cleaned-STOP BRAIN!)

Anyway, I'm done with my rant! Sorry-I'm usually pretty positive on here, but as I said, my stress is risING!

In other news, I found a fabulous give-away at a fellow blogger's site that you should check out!
Friends for Weightloss is giving away Green Lite Bites cookbook

And good news for me: I won a blogger's giveaway also and received it in the mail TODAY!

A Bondi Band! Yeah! I love new workout gear!

This is from the lovely Shannon at Philadelphia Phitness Pharmacy. I LOVE her blog! I read it everyday! She's cute, fun and always has interesting things to say! Please go check her out and show her some lurrrvee!

And next week, I promise I'll get some new and exciting posts on here! Just bare with me until then;)

What do you do when your stress level is high? How do you cope with stress?
Have you been giving out compliments? How does it make you feel?


  1. Oh my dear stressed friend, I think it is the weather. lol No kidding. I am with you...sometimes you just need to let all the stress out in words to release it. way to go on winning a Bondi Band! I want to try one someday. I also can't wait to hear how the BodyBugg works. Take a deep breath and have a good relaxing night with the girls. I do not cope with stress well...usually take it out on food or my body (hence the new hardware I am sporting for several weeks). UGH! Now I am going to have to take it out on the elliptical, bike or weights. lol

  2. I have a hard time turning my brain off when I should be unwinding, too. It's a curse! Hope you can relax tonight :)

  3. Those chocolates look fantastic :) When I'm stressed it really helps when I'm able to get active (jog, gym, walk, anything!). But it's also nice to have someone who will listen for a bit so I can get it all off my chest.

  4. We totally need a weekend. Even just a DAY when the 2 of us can get together and do something fabulous. :)

  5. Sarah-March 5, after Zumba, wine/margarita/chocolate-something! Relaxin' for us! We'll need it after Zumba;)

  6. No need to apologize...We all need a little whine fest (and wine! haha) from time to time ;)

  7. So glad you like your headband!!! Thanks for the shout out and those treats look delish.