Monday, February 14, 2011

Ode to my Luvah!

Happy Luvah's Day!

Instead of my usual foodie/fitness post, I'd like to give a shout out to my main squeeze, B! We've been married 1 1/2 years now and together for 3 1/2. My life is mucho better with this guy in my life and I'd like to make a list of why we are who we are (and the life cycle of my many hair-dos!):

We both love to be the life of the party, which makes us both over-the-top fun (does that sound big-headed?)

 We're both up for trying new things! Jamaica with a parrot!

Camping at a "rendevouz" 1800's style (it was ffreeeezzzing!)

 His intense, deep blue eyes.

He totally loves me the way I am: healthy eating, workout and cleaning obsessed, my annoying giggle and how he can never touch my nose-EVER!

He's totally willing to act a fool with me! Isn't he a perfect Drew Carey, pre-weightloss;)

He luurves my family (and I love his!)-so important to us! Here with my dad and bro.

Any man of mine has to like to dance! I'm not even that picky-he doesn't have to be good at dancing, he just has to unabashedly give it his all and go with the flow! I LOVE that about him! We definitely can dance together;)

But the #1 reason I love this guy is his heart! He IS a 3rd grade teacher after all:) He makes me a better person every day with his forgiving attitude and laid-back persona-definitely a lesson I need to learn! He's just a GREAT person and I'm so lucky to have him in my life! You make my world complete, B!

Tonight we're keeping it low key and just spending the evening together. I'm not gonna work out and he's not gonna play video games-it's just us and I can't wait!

How are you spending Valentine's Day? What is your favorite thing about your Valentine's?

Have a great Valentine's Day everyone;)


  1. Aw! You guys ARE cute, and over the top fun. :)

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  3. I love you guys! I'm also surprised you've only been together 3.5 years. You're perfection together:-)

  4. Aww, you two are so cute!
    My boyfriend and I did dinner & a movie (The Roommate), since he knew I wouldn't pick a typical V-Day movie, and thus (in theory) it wouldn't be too crowded.

  5. So much fun! I love the ode to your lover - you guys are SO cute together! :)

  6. You guys are a cute couple! It takes a special person to teach 3rd graders- he's a keeper :)

  7. You guys look so stinkin' happy together... I love it! And your Drew Carey/Mimi costumes ROCK!! (True story: I've had a crush on Drew Carey for years!) :D