Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's Ladies Night!

Hello Peeps!

"Oh yes it's Ladies Night, and the feeling's right, Oh yes it's Ladies Night-OH WHAT A NIGHT!"

Wow, that was corny....

Last night (Friday) was Ladies Night! Me and three friends were at the bar one night and decided we needed to do more women only kind of nights! We all love our partners, but come on, sometimes you just need a ladies-on-the-town kinda night! So we decided to start up our own little bunco league.

Have you heard of Bunco before?

I sure didn't until I moved to Beloit, Kansas! It's basically a no-skills-involved dice game: perfect for a few very competitive type girls in the group (like me!) Our first monthly bunco was last night and it was soooo perfect!

January "New Years" Themed Bunco

Amy and me
I'm obviously very excited for this picture!

Leanne and me

Most wins and most loses-Cierra and me!

The 4 "winners" of the night: Me-most loses, Pepper-most Buncos, Cierra-most wins, Vanessa won traveling

Later at the bar a few of us took Wedding Cake shots, and surprisingly, it tasted just like wedding cake-DELISH!
Cierra, Vanessa, Amy, myself

I truly believe that having a girl's night is good for the soul-and a relationship if you are in one! I know it's sooo easy to get in a comfortable rut of coming home from work, getting in some stretchy pants and vegging on the couch with a movie and your fam-but at least once a month a good "fun cleansing" is in order! No family-just good same-sex friends! This is for guys, too! I feel so ....... satisfied, energized, HAPPY today after hanging with my girls! Thanks for a great night ladies!

Do you take a time out from your family for your friends? If so, whats the last thing you did? If not, why aren't you?

Another thing warmed my heart last night. After all of the girls arrived I announced if anyone doesn't want to be featured on my blog since I would be taking pics all night and no doubt, some would end up on my lil' slice of the Internet! Everyone blew up with excitement and gave me all sorts of encouragement about my blog! Since I started my blog about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I wasn't for sure if anyone was reading it or if anyone was even enjoying it? I second guessed myself: Do I give good advice? Is it interesting enough? Is anyone reading it regularly? I had several ladies give me compliments on my pictures (although they are in no way professional!), and several said they read it everyday!

I want to give a BIG shout-out to those who follow me religiously or just happen to stop by every once in awhile! I truly appreciate you being a part of my life! I love hearing from you so please leave a comment if you like! We can all learn from each other-I don't have to be the only one who shares;)

Shout out time! Who do you want to thank in a shout out?

Desserted Tip of the Day: It's so important to exercise and eat right, but please remember to never turn down an opportunity for fun! You always need to take time for ..... memories: My friend Nabil and I's favorite catch phrase! You won't remember that workout in a year, but I bet you remember a night out with friends! Don't miss out!

Beginners Lifting Workout is coming soon! No equipment needed!

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I've never played Bunco, but you know I love games!