Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Mexicana Night

Howdy Folks!

I'm happy to say it's almost Friday!!! Can you smell that freedom almost here? It smells like chocolate!

I had a wonderful Zumba experience tonight that led to this:

 Which then led to this:

So Hungry!

The hubs and I had a little *tiff* last night about how unflexible I am. He called at dinner time to see if I wanted to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant (which he hates). This is unlike him and a totally nice gesture! Unfortunately, I was working out (like I do every night after work) and then forgot to check my phone (which is a usual occurance for me:) Well, that led to my inability to get out of my nightly routine. Ok, I'll admit-I AM A CREATURE OF HABIT! Especially on the weeknights! With work and working out, plus making dinner, not to mention cleaning and going to meetings, etc. I tend to keep busy! So, instead of showering and slipping into my PJ's tonight, I called him and we made a run to my fav local restaurant! I guess it helps to shake things up a bit, but dang if my schedule doesn't rule me! Maybe I should start working on that....

What do you do that drives your spouse/significant other crazy? Are you trying to work on it?

Some highlights at the restaurant:

 This has some long Spanish name that I can't remember, and really doesn't look appetizing, but it was YUMMY! It was grilled chicken and beef strips, green pepper, tomato, mushrooms and onion with Mexican white cheese over it! It comes on a bed of rice but I got plenty of carbs with the tortilla chips so I omitted it;)

We happened to sit by a family we know and the dad and son both had birthdays! The staff came out and sang the Spanish verion of "Happy Birthday" with an accordian. I guess their "schtick" is stuffing whipped cream in the birthday persons face! Remind me NOT to go to this restaurant on my birthday!

Desserted Tip of the Day: Remember posture when lifting. I always tell me weights class "Butt and boobs out!" Never have a slouchy back or tuck in your booty! By accentuating the "butt and boob" move, you'll make sure to keep a straight spine and not hurt your lower back.

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  1. You've got me craving Mexican! :) I think my indecisiveness about insignificant things (along with any number of other flaws) drives Nick crazy. Love the tip about posture-- something I definitely need to work on while working out! Hope you have a great weekend.