Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Nike Free's!

Hello Beauties!

I meant to blog earlier tonight but The Biggest Loser pulled me in! I have to say that I've never watched this show before! I know, I know...I should be watching it since I'm into fitness and all. Honestly, I seeked it out because of Rulon, the famous Greco-Roman wrestler that has a gold medal from the Olympics. My dad is a wrestling coach and I've been around it since I was born, so wanted to watch because of him. Well, every 5 minutes of that dang show had me tearing up-gheesh! Those people have some heart! I was a little leary that one guy lost 41 pounds in one week! Is that even healthy or sane? Well, it gives me some motivation to lose at least 10;)

I started back at the day job this week after 10 glorious days off! I'm going to be positive and say it's nice to get back into a routine....but you REALLY know what I'm thinking;)

The best part of my day was getting in a HARD workout in my NEW Nike Free's! If you haven't heard of these shoes yet, they have a super flexible sole and they're almost feather-weight. I could feel the muscles in my foot working harder than ever and I really felt like I could jump! Sometimes cross trainer shoes can get a little clunky and heavy.

Lookin' Good!

Ok, maybe that was the 2nd best part of my day....

Lunch was so delicious....I could have had 5 plates of this! A veggie whole wheat pita with a schmear of hummus, alfalfa sprouts, grape tomatoes, onion, bell pepper and a sprinkling of Tastefully Simple Dried Tomato pesto (I don't make the pesto, I just sprinkle the dry mix on EVERYTHING!). Serve that with Amy's Organic Tomato Bisque Soup-HEAVEN!!! If you haven't tried any of Amy's soup, please do yourself a favor and BUY PRONTO! My fav is the low fat black bean-it's perfectly spicy! I'm not gonna lie, I have to drive 30 minutes to get this soup, but it's sooo worth it!
PS: This whole lunch is 7 Points Plus!

By the way, I know this pita is not part of my New Year's Resolution, but in my defense, I bought these low fat whole wheat pita's the middle of December and I need to eat them up cause my husband won't!

What is your favorite go to healthy lunch? Soup is always on my list-fast, easy and filling!


  1. So glad you are blogging - love seeing how you guys are doing!

  2. Watch out. You will get sucked in to The Biggest Loser. My sister and I watch it together every season. I like the contestants so far this year.

    And soup is a favorite of mine too.