Friday, January 7, 2011

Quesadilla Inspiration

Hey Peeps!

Finally Friday, Friends, or the Triple F if you will;)

Today I have to tell you about my FANTASTIC lunch! Well, first I had a hearty bowl of delicious mystery soup from yesterday;) But I also got a great idea from a fellow blogger who I LLOOOVVEE to read every day! It's The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, and she had a mouthwatering blog the other day about quesadillas! Her vivid photos and tantalizing descriptions of each ingredient really inspired me to get my Mexi on! Of course, in a more "Weight Watcher-y" way;)

Side Note: I've come to realize that EVERY recipe I have provided on my blog is TOTALLY adaptable to ingredients you like and have on hand! So please, do a switcharoo on whatever you like! Tell me about it in the comment section!

Here's who takes center stage in my quesadilla today:

 Frank's Hot Sauce, Lil' Chub 'mator's (or cherub tomatoes:), shrimp, Light Flatout Wrap, Light Laughing Cow cheese, onions and green pepper.

1. First, defrost shrimp (if need be) in a bath of cold tap water while they sit in a colander (this only takes a few minutes). Then take those pesky tails off and discard them! Squirt plenty of Frank's on it and mix together.
2. Start sauteing (is that how you spell it?) your onions and peppers. I just thought a little garlic would be devine right now;) Now, throw in that firey shrimp!

3. While these flavors are melding (did I just make that word up?) together, spread a wedge of Laughing Cow on your Flatout wrap (or tortilla) and toss cheese-side up on a hot pan.
4. Now toss the shrimp mix on one half of the Flatout wrap.

I throw on some spinach (because wilted spinach is the best!) and some more cheese (fat free, but it's not very melty-boo!) and folded it up. I put a dallop of fat free sour cream on it. It was AMAZE-BALLS! And too easy! 6 PointsPlus


After work, I ran and got more paint for our living room. All the texurizing is done, it just needs a coat over it. Painting is a messy, long job folks! I don't recommend it.......

B has an out of town basketball game to coach so I get an evening to myself! While I adore spending time with my love, it's definitely nice to have an evening now and then all to YOURSELF! So I worked out (of course) which was a full body weightlifting hour! It felt great-I haven't lifted weights outside of a group class for months! So I was due....

I had pretty much dried off by the time the picture was taken....but you get the jist:)

What to do now? I might get started on painting, I might give myself a pedicure, I might just pop in a movie and veg out! Good night kids! I'm getting up bright and early to cheer on my dad's wrestling team at a tournament! Go BRONCOS!

Desserted Tip of the Day: Don't skip meals-in fact, eat less at your major meals and add a few extra smaller meals throughout the day. This jump starts your metabolism by eating a protein-rich breakfast and keeps it humming along by eating a couple hundred calories every couple of hours.

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  1. OMG I totally just made a comment! What happened to it?

    OK, anyway it basically said that my lunches are super depressing and you might need to inspire me. I also love Ree, but because of her photography stuff. I want to pretend she's my pretend sister.

    Also, I want you to make a public commitment to our May adventure. Do it!!