Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mystery in my Crockpot

Hello Loves!

Today started with a Green Goddess-you know it's gonna be a good day...

After work, it was my very first Zumba class of the year!!!! YEEEHAAWWW!

After Zumba: I'm starting to like putting sweaty pics up of me! This might be my schtick?!?!?! BTW: Isn't "schtick" a cool word? Note to self, use "schtick" more often. Anywho.....

I came home to my Mystery Soup I spoke of yesterday:)


This is not so much a recipe as just a reminder that your CROCKPOT IS MAGICAL! Seriously! Have no time to cook your food? Thow it into a crockpot, friends! Here's what I put into my "mystery soup."

12 oz. of chopped up turkey (or 6 servings of meat of your choice)
1 16 oz. bag of frozen mixed veggies
1 1/2 boxes of fat free, low sodium chicken stock (6 servings)
chopped up some extra veggies I had: onions, carrots, celery
Through in 2 bay leaves and sprinkle of dried rosemary.
I topped my personal bowl with some Tastefully Simple seasoning salt-but this is just for your own taste.

Uh, this is fool proof, peeps! You can really through anything you want in it! Noodles would be excellent! Want it vegetarian? Do tofu instead of turkey and veggie broth instead of chicken broth! And BTW: a big hearty bowl is only 2 PointsPlus! Seriously folks, try this now!!


As you may know (or can tell by all my point counting) I'm following the new Weight Watchers plan. So far so good I must say! I didn't, however, lose any weight this past week after following the plan perfectly! Boo! I know from experience that I'm not going to bring myself down over this. Your body works in mysterious ways and you need to give it time to adjust! Anyway, I thought I would measure myself since I haven't done that in 5 weeks. Well, kids, I lost 3.75" in those 5 weeks! EVERYONE MEASURE YOURSELF, NOW!

Desserted Tip of the Day: Please don't let the scale be your only measuring point of success. Measure yourself, how do you feel in your clothes?, check blood pressure, body mass index, can you run faster or longer? All of these things should be happy goals to get you to your ending point! Relish and celebrate the small accomplishments!


  1. This recipe sounds wonderful. I will have to try it. I am a weight watcher kinda girl too. It is the only thing that has worked for me and I think once you learn always sticks with you(even if you ignore the knowledge you have). :)

  2. I was wondering if you ever have this problem???
    I will do the same exercise(and sometimes more)and follow my points and weigh one day and have good results and then the next day I will check my progress and the weight and BMI increase. How does that happen? Is it cause I weigh too often and get discouraged?

  3. Hi Shannon! Thanks for your comments! I definitely wouldn't weigh every day-that will just keep you stressed out! That scale can be fickle! I try to weigh just weekly to save my sanity:) The weight can be increasing because of something salty you ate the day before (which will increase water weight), if the food you ate is "heavier." Like, in the short term a handful of carrots could make the scale move more than a a handful of marshmallows, just because one weighs more than the other! But give it a few days and your body will much appreciate the carrots;) Good luck in your weight loss journey and thanks again for visiting!