Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fridge Staples

Hey Buddies!

Last night I didn't get home until late because of my intervals class and another meeting right after, so I didn't have time to get my blog up-SORRY!!

Today I did another Bodyrock workout and it kicked my BOOTY!! I did almost 500 mountain climbers! While I was tucking my knees in and wishing for my Gymboss to chime so I could stop, sweat was DRIPPING from my head....

My sweaty exercise mat!

This is the way my mat looks at every workout. I tend to be a little sweatier than most:(

Literally right after my workout! I'm gasping for air!


Tonight, I'm going to give you a glimpse into my food world by showing and telling you the staples of my fridge! These are the items I can't live without and ALWAYS have on hand for me to be a Happy Mandy!

From left to right:
1. Fat Free Shredded Cheese: Ok, not very creative on the first one, and let's face it, not very tasty either....This is the Weight Watchers girl in me-1 points vs 2 points of the regular stuff! I always keep the regular shredded cheese on hand, but sometimes if you just need some cheesiness on your omelet and you need to save a point, you always have yummy cheese's ugly aunt to come through for ya;)
2. Deli Mustard: I'm a sucker for any kind of mustard! No other condiment can give you the flavor punch and versatility as mustard, and for me, the grainer the better! I love making pretzel dip, flavoring grilled fish and just adding it to my pita or sandwich. So many possibilities for that little bottle!
3. Egg Beaters (or the off-brand): This is by far the #1 thing I can't live without! I buy several of these in the big size at a time because I LOVE THEM! They fill you up, are only 1 point and sooo easy to make into soo many incredible, yummy meals! You won't find "real" eggs in our fridge!
4. Light Laughing Cow cheese: Unfortunately, some of you might not know what this is, and that makes me INCREDIBLY sad! People, please go buy this magnificent stuff today! I add it to egg beaters in a mug and nuke for a minute or two to make a quick 2 point breakfast! I spread it on low fat tortillas, add it to steamed broccoli, use it as cream cheese in a dip! I'm getting hungry talking about my lil' barnyard friend! This is my favorite food find in probably the past few years!
5. Light Vanilla Soy Milk: I was always a skim milk drinker. I know it's a little like water but you can't argue with those calories! Well, my friends, I don't care if you are vegan or not, this is SOOO delicious AND less calories than skim milk! And it totally is not watered down in any way. You can get this in vanilla or plain, but vanilla reminds me of melted vanilla ice cream-so, duh-I'm going to go for that everytime! I've found that baking with it is superb as well! I will never buy cow's milk again!
6. Plain Yogurt: I usually have Greek yogurt on hand (have to drive 30 minutes to get it), but the Weight Watchers plain fat free yogurt is what my local grocer has and it works too. (Greek has more protein). I use this for smoothies and also add berries and splenda to it for a healthy and filling snack (2 Pointsplus). You can also make great dips and dressings by adding just a few ingredients to it. WARNING: This is not to be eaten by itself, unless you like completely bitter yogurt!

So, there you have it! These are just some of the few fridge items that I can't live without! Watch soon for my pantry selections!

Tell me what fridge favorites you can't live without!

Desserted Tip of the Day: Start your day off with some protein. This really kick-starts your metabolism and keeps your fuller longer so you won't need a "second" breakfast in an hour or two! Try eggs, soy sausage, cheese, oatmeal, peanut butter, yogurt, smoothies with fruit-all excellent choices!


  1. We are egg-beaters folks too. We also have skim milk (for M, so everyone drinks it). I can't do FF cheese. Can't. I just do the part-skim low-fat and suck up the points. I also just bought some laughing cow, and flat-out wraps after you inspired me on your last post! ;)
    Staples at our house are: bananas, grapes, apples and I'm newly in love w/ whey protein shakes with berries for breakfast.
    The frozen steamer veggie bags are a must at every meal for us, and I also NEED my SF or FF coffee creamer (caramel macchiato) as well as my yoplait greek yogurt (blueberry), the 1-point+ string cheese, and special K chocolatey-pretzel bars.
    It's hard to shop sometimes because we need all our food to be toddler-friendly as well as WW friendly. :)

  2. Oh I love, love, love laughing cow cheese. I use mine on celery, triscuts, in a rollup with some lunch meat....really what ever I can find to give me an excuse to eat it. I will have to give soy milk a try, just do Skim right now.