Monday, January 10, 2011

We Got Dumped On!

Hey Friends!

Happy Monday! Or as happy as waking up to this can be....

It is pretty...I guess....if you're cuddling up by a fire with a good flick on. I'm not a winter/snow/cold fan. Kansas, and pretty much the Midwest, got dumped on last night! We had about a foot here in north central Kansas. So while B had a snow day from school, I ventured out in his FJ Cruiser and told that snow who's boss!!!!

After work I decided to do a Bodyrock exercise challenge at home so I didn't have to venture out in the snow any more than I had to! And it was the first time I got to use this little beaut!

This is probably one of the best interval timers you can get and Bodyrock workouts are sooo much better and efficient with it! Fun!

When I was done, I made a big and EASY taco salad! Ok, let's face it-taco salads can be a go-to meal any night of the week! They're not hard and you can adapt it to what you have in the pantry. BUT, I have a trick to make this even FASTER and with no dirty pans to clean up after!


This is basically fake beef....if you didn't figure that out already;) It doesn't taste exactly like beef, but close enough! And if I can find this in my local grocer, you can too! They are frozen and you put a couple of servings in a dish, I added some taco seasoning and tomato sauce, heated, and BAM, I had taco meat! You really can't beat that!!!

9 PointsPlus

Do you have any fancy tricks up your sleeve when it comes to food shortcuts? What is a go-to weeknight meal for you and your family?

Desserted Tip of the Week: Please remember FORM OVER WEIGHT! This is the biggest thing I watch for in my weightlifting classes. If a participant is giving "The Face" and struggling to get a weight up without swinging their body weight into it, then their weight is TOO HEAVY! You're not being a wuss, a pansy, weak-you are doing what's best for your body! Everyone is at a different strength level, so just because people around you are doing heavier weight, doesn't mean you should! Granted, the last couple of reps you should be struggling, but not before then. Be careful and gradually bring yourself up to the weight you think you should be at.

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